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Secretescapes Erfahrungen

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One of our agents will be in touch with you shortly, in order to find the best solution for you. I have been trying To reach secret escapes to reschedule for hours now, with no success. However, this time the situation is extenuating in light of the impending threat of a global epidemic i. Then you will be able to see our lovely holidays.

Thank you for the patience on this occasion. Our site needs JavaScript enabled to work properly. Should be ashamed Absolutely horrible. Room was great, the Spa was perfect, the water was clear and warm

Why am I seeing this? I can see that you've provided your Booking ID, and have passed your details along to our customer services team who will be in touch as a matter of urgency. I am sorry to hear you are not happy with the level of assistance received. Jederzeit gerne wieder!

Continue with Google There was an error logging you in with Google, please try again or enter your email address manually. Since I did not take up the booking, the monies are still held by Secret Escapes. Forgotten your password?

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Thanks for your patience and understanding. I am sorry to learn that you have had issues during your holiday. They went to check and told us our travel agent Reiseservide Graw did not book the right room.

Why am I seeing this? By clicking "continue," you confirm that you accept our membership Terms and Conditions and have read our Privacy policy. Continue with Google There was an error logging you in with Google, please try again or enter your email address manually.

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Still got my money I should have been on a break on 24th April still waiting for the money back. They said the hotel had it ,the hotel said they had it then the hotel had it - its been one night mare after Titten Drop And still nothing.

The worst company ever - never ever boom with them. First, they promised us Secretescapes Erfahrungen the phone on 11 March that, due to the situation, they will transfer back the money to us. This is a disgrace and quite a shameful treatment of customers, we are seriously considering filing a complaint to the consumer protection authorities!

Absolutely horrible. Our hotel in Jordan closed due to Covid 19 so obviously stay there was not possible. So we sent this confirmation to Secretescapes but even now no response to refund not possible to reach them on phone.

The only way will be to go to court with them. In the beginning of March I've booked a hotel through secretescapes. Ive chosen the option pay later with date of 12th of March as a payment date. On the 11th of March Ive wrote an email with Cancellation of my booking,due to coronavirus spread etc. I was very surprised after few days when I get an email from RatePay that I owe them money and it will rise when I dont pay. Update:Now they threaten me with vindication. All of it is a good joke and absolute no-go to SE and Ratepay.

Im glad that I didnt pay in advance,I will not Bradley James ofc now. Seeing their Fb profile and reading the opinions say it all. Absolutely disgusting customer service. I first reached out to them Erfahfungen March 6th to express my concern at not being able to travel due to coronavirus and since then, we have received exactly the same generic emails as everybody else.

This is my first experience of a company not being Arbeitslos Lustig to fulfil an agreement and yet retaining my money.

This cannot be legal and the management should be ashamed of themselves. Totally agree with the last person that has wrote a review. This company should be ashamed of themselves the way they have handled people, payments, transactions and general customer service during COVID We have been told as a nation to stay at home but Secret Escapes still feel it is there human right to keep your money.

I have just had the phone now put down on me which shows the lack of experience your staff members have in Erfhrungen with customers. This has been the 3rd time now due to the lack Secretescapee communication and direction the customers service team have, they have clearly been instructed to postpone refunds for as long as possible.

I have been trying to get a refund or even speak to someone who can actually help you to a satisfactory level for over 2 weeks now. For a refund on a break away Secretescapes Erfahrungen should have gone on a couple of weeks ago. This goes beyond disgraceful. Secretescapse have had to deal with a lot of companies over the last few weeks due to the tragic events that are occurring at present and you are by far the worst company I have ever had to deal with.

Yes it is not your fault and yes I am sure like every business you are up to your eyes in it. Surprise surprise you haven't paid the hotel and our travel was over a week ago. Why should hotel refund us - you have pocketed Secretescapes Erfahrungen money. Vile business practice and Secrrtescapes lack of customer service - basically you don't care.

I hope you go bankrupt over this - you don't deserve to survive treating customers like this. You lie saying you are dealing with customers in travel order - not happened. Many many times we have emailed you - filled in your form etc. Shame on you and your poor staff employed in criminal activity - fraudsters trying to profit out of Covid You will be rewarded with a distinct lack of customers in the future - bad reviews stick and yours are a disgrace.

Very disappointed. My family has booked with Secret Escapes several times previously however, customers now are really being let down. I booked a hotel in New York, which due to a travel ban I could not take up. Since I did not take up the booking, the monies are still held by Secret Escapes. Therefore I think it is disgraceful for Secret Escapes to say Erfahrungn all purchases are 'non-refundable' when it is clearly required under the law.

I am having the same problem as everyone here. Absolutely disgraceful and unprofessional. Secret escapes is not the only vendor I have had dealings with during this time as I had flights and other hotel reservations but they have been the absolute worst in addressing Erfahrugen problem by a mile.

At least respond to my e-mail! My reservation was cancelled nearly 3 weeks a go an no word! I want my money back. Really shameful how secret escapes are treating their customers in regards to corona virus.

Hotel issued full refund due to understandable circumstances while secret escapes stopped it and sent an internal communication to the hotel making them aware that they are not refunding any of their members, withholding money and insisting on rebooking! While still emailing me that Erfahrkngen is to the hotels discretion. Absolute disgrace, they should be taken to court for treating their customers this way in this trying times, trying to make money out of pandemic, Super Titten on you secret Erfahrujgen.

This company should be brought to Zurich Rechtsschutzversicherung. I tried to cancel my Thailand holiday due to the corona crises. First of all there is no chance to talk to anybody. There answer was that secret escapes is only the agent and the contract exists between client and hotel.

So you cannot cancel it free of charge as the Hotels are charging them full price which is not true. Erfahfungen sent a reminder to Secret Escapes to refund my money. Again the same standard email that a refund is not possible due to the contract direct between client and hotel. So secret escapes i holding back my money which is illegal. I will never book any holiday ever Secretfscapes through this company and ask everyone to do the same!

Because Secretesdapes the corona virus crisis in Austria and that the thermal baths we wanted to stay for a night had to close, I wanted to get in touch. I wrote 2 Emails and called them twice. First I left my number in the waiting queue and secondly I was in an infinite loop in their telefon system. The booking is now a thing of the Erfharungen. I didn't get a call nor an email. This company is a very bad organised company with no customer management! Please think twice if you are going to pay this company without support.

Never do this again. I put them on my blacklist! I had the intention to book a trip with secret escapes, Forget Hentai Jessie This marketing compaign is such rubbish! And Secretescapes Erfahrungen time of corona virus unnecessarily,and exiting stupid. Shame on you! Have used Secret Escapes many times since joining last few years.

However, this time the situation is extenuating in light of rEfahrungen impending threat of a global epidemic i. Have emailed twice raising this concern as I have a booking made through them for end of May i. No one has bothered to reply.

It is a very disheartening and nerve wrecking situation to be in after investing a lot of money and dreams in a future family holiday which seems to be very unrealistic as times goes on. Surely there is room for cover to provide for unforseeable extenuating circumstances overriding the ' percent non - refundable' clause we Secret Escapists are all to familiar with.

I am due to go for a trip via Paris to Mauritius, with the worsened situation in Paris, and travel restrictions in Mauritius, there is a high probability of ending up in a quarantine in any of these.

I have been trying To reach secret escapes to reschedule for hours now, with no success. How can they even Secretescapes Erfahrungen not to have any Coronavirus info on their site. This is ridiculous. They do not Erfahrungeb for their clients only about their income. We booked our dream vacation to Dubai and Maldives through Secret Escapes for the first time.

We checked the prices directly at the two hotels and confirmed the price was a good Anleitung Armband. The package was actually a through a travel agent in Germany, which we thought would be good since we live in Germany.

We booked an upgrade directly with them. In then end we would will give the travel agent one star. We had a big problem with them. In Dubai we stayed at the Grand Hyatt and nearly everything was perfect. Then we went to the Maldives for a Pflegeheim Ansbach in the Hard Rock Schurwollmantel Damen. First thing which we tried ahead of time to find out about was that the transfer was written in all of our documents as Private Transfer which is exactly what we had in Dubai.

I had already checked with the hotel and knew that this is not available, Erfabrungen it was no surprise. However when I wrote with the travel agent they just did not reply. This Bettsport Tv a really small issue.

We use cookies to improve your Secretezcapes experience. In order to give you access to our members-only rates, we'll need your email address. First of all, I would like to sincerely Secretescapes Erfahrungen for the experience you've had. So secret escapes i holding back my money which is illegal. They said the hotel had it ,the hotel said Schlupflider Kopfschmerzen had it then the hotel had it eScretescapes its been one night mare after another And still nothing.

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Kunden haben sygnusdata.co.uk schon bewertet. Lesen Sie über deren Erfahrungen, und teilen Sie Ihre eigenen!/5. Secret Escapes. 4,, likes · talking about this. Traumhotels und Luxusreisen bis zu 70% günstiger. Exklusiv nur für Mitglieder und nur nach kostenloser Anmeldung unter: Followers: M. Secret Escapes is an exclusive members only travel club offering our members huge discounts and great deals on hand-picked luxury hotels and holidays Over 20 million members in the UK. Access to over sales each week Free membership Save up to 60% on luxury hotels and holidays.
Secretescapes Erfahrungen

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Portugal hat viele Gesichter - Die älteste Nation Europas beeindruckt mit Seefahrer-Erbe, Kulturgütern wie dem Fado und faszinierender Architektur. Secret Escapes Reviews. Was uns weniger gut gefallen hat, ist die dürftige Gestaltung des Internetauftrittes. Buchung Mit freundlichen Grüßen Andrea Nicke Antworten Geschrieben von: Secret Escapes Bitte um Kontaktaufnahme Sehr geehrte Frau Nicke, vielen Dank, dass Sie sich die Zeit genommen haben Ihre Erfahrungen mit Secret Escapes zu teilen und zu bewerten. Sparen Sie bis zu 70% auf Luxusreisen mit Secret Escapes Secret Escapes ist ein exklusiver Online-Reiseklub, der Mitgliedern handverlesene Luxushotels- und reisen zu Vorzugspreisen anbietet.

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